Zingarella, Carlton

A few years ago you’d have buckley’s chance of finding any gluten free pasta on Lygon St…today it seems like every second restaurant is offering it, which is a good thing of course.

Zingarella is one of the nicer restaurants where you won’t get accosted by someone out the front trying to convince you to eat there with a free round of drinks or convincing you the food is fantastic because they are the oldest pasta house in the street…there’s just something that makes me question the food quality if there is someone out the front proclaiming / trying to assure you how good it is! Give me a restaurant where I can make my own decision in peace any day!


I was quite impressed with this place – the service was great (there if you need it but no pressure to leave if you want to relax after your meal), there’s a really wide range of gluten free options available on the menu and the food was really tasty.


I had an eggplant parmagana with basil (all gluten free of course) – really really nice, I’m going to have to try and replicate it at home I think


My friend had sausages with potato mash (all gluten free of course).

Other gluten free options included pastas (you have to ask for gluten free pasta, and it takes an additional 20 minutes or so), salads, meat dishes, risottos and more. Unfortunately they don’t have a website so you can’t check out their menu before going, but there’s heaps to choose from.

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189 Lygon St, Carlton

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