Nudel Bar, Melbourne

I used to go to Nudel Bar a lot when I worked in the area years ago. Last week, after finding out that Mamacitas, the new Mexican restaurant in the city doesn’t take bookings for under 8 people, I booked Nudel Bar for a girl’s catch up dinner. The atmosphere and menu was as I remember it years ago, but I suppose like a lot of places, prices seem to have gone up quite a bit!

I ordered a potato curry with rice noodles. The flavour was nice, but I wanted lots lots lots more curry sauce, the dish was so dry, by the time I ate the top layer I just had a bowl full of plain rice noodles, not great!


My friend got another gluten free option, a noodle stir fry which was much better.


I’m not sure I need to go back here again for a while. It wasn’t bad, just didn’t live up to my memory of it in terms of beautiful food. But in saying that, it is a good place to go to if you need something at that end of the city, nice atmosphere and good service.

76 Bourke St, Melbourne

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