India on Bay, Port Melbourne

I love Indian food. Whilst so much of Indian food is naturally gluten free, it’s actually a bit hard to find a lot of places that promote / label gluten free food on their menus. India on Bay in Port Melbourne has a huge range of gluten free food (to the point where they label on the menu which items have gluten in them, not which ones don’t). There is a huge range of curry options…the food is beautiful.

My only gripe is that it’s over priced. Paying $4.50 for a small bowl of rice to accompany your curry is highway robbery, particularly when the curries are close to $20 each.

Not sure I would go back here just because of the lack of value for money…so now comes the search for good gluten free Indian food…anyone have any suggestions?

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140 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

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